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Dear Beechwood Parent/Guardian,

The Beechwood Independent School District continues to use online annual updates through Infinite Campus in order to ensure the accuracy of student and family information. Annual updates are needed for each student as there is information that requires mandatory updates each year, such as health information and the Acceptable Use Policy for technology. If you have already completed and submitted the Online Annual Update through the Campus Parent Portal, you don’t need to go any further and we would like to thank you for completing it.

If you have not completed and submitted the Online Annual Update through the Campus Parent portal then this letter is for you. We have included a slide presentation with directions for completing the update.

There are six TABS with mandatory FIELDS that you will need to complete in order to submit the online registration annual update, even though you may have already filled out a form in the past with this information. For example, the language spoken at home is a mandatory field, as is the email for a second parent/guardian. Your child’s middle name is also required as we may have students who have the same first name and the same last name.

If you have moved within the district you are required to submit a new proof of residency documents as well. If your child(ren) spends time between two households and one is in the district and one is not, then the in-district household will need to be the primary household. This does not apply to tuition students.

If you do not have access to a computer to make the updates, or if you need help, contact one of the school secretaries at (859) 331-1220. Please make the updates as soon as possible.

Campus Parent Portal link:

Thank you


What is the Beechwood Parent Portal?

The parent portal website will allow parents and guardians to have “real-time” access to information related to your child(ren). With one unique login, you will be able to see information about all your children in one view. As of today, Beechwood Independent Schools displays the following data on the portal site:  Attendance, Report Cards, Progress Reports, Contact Information, Special Education Forms, Health Information, Student To-Do List, Family Calendar, and Current Grading (Grades 4-12 only).

Link to Log In:  Infinite Campus

Parents use their FirstName.LastName as their username.  Your password was provided to you by your school.  If you do not know your login for the parent portal please contact your child’s school.

Students can use the Portal with their own username (10 digit state ID) and password to access their own information, they do not see any siblings’ information.

There is now an app for Android and iOS for the parent portal.  You can search for it in the app store and it is free. (See document)

If you need assistance please contact your child’s school.

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