Counseling Program

Meet our Counselors

Michael Brinkman

Michael Brinkman

Students with Last Names (A – G)

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859-331-1220 (x 6203)

Kelly Burgei

Students with Last Names (H – O)

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859-331-1220 (x 6811)

Megan Minton

Megan Minton

Students with Last Names (P – Z)

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859-331-1220 (x 6807)

How to Contact a Counselor:

  • Students can go to a Counselor’s Office (no appointment needed)

  • Email a Counselor

  • Book an Appointment

Check out our Counselors Corner!

  • News from Counseling Team (College/Career Opportunities, College Scholarships, Dual-Credit, Scheduling, and more!)


Course Advising:

Students can meet with their Counselor in the Spring to discuss course options and course planning. We are committed to helping students develop a course plan to meet their personalized learning needs and interests.

Academic Support:

We are committed to helping students struggling in a class. We can help them get connected to tutoring, provide study skills/strategies, and collaborate with teachers to reduce barriers to learning.


10 Min Career Assessment

Fastest Growing Occupations (2021)

Link College Majors to Careers

US Occupation Search (Search by Salary / Education Needed)

Kentucky Center for Statistics (Search by College Majors: See Salary / KY Colleges with Major)

Free Meyers Briggs (Learn About Yourself & Get Career Ideas)




Students can contact a Counselor at any time.

How to Contact a Counselor:

  • Go to a Counselor’s Office

  • Email a Counselor

  • Book an Appointment


Mr. Brinkman

Office: 300 Hallway Science Wing

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Ms. Burgei

Office: Across from Aux Gym

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Ms. Minton

Office: 400 Hallway (Across from Labs)

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Mental Health Resources:

Online Search for Local Therapists

Mental Health Resources for Families

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